Moving to a new home can be stressful for everyone, especially retirees that may have downsized. You might no longer have a large home to take care of, and this can lead to restlessness. But, if you take the time to settle into your new home immediately, you’ll feel more comfortable, at ease, and ready to enjoy your retirement years.

Today’s tips, which are presented in no certain order, are brought to you by Robert Realty.

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

One of the most important things you can do as a new homeowner is to add things that actually feel like home to your space as soon as possible. For those grandparents among us, this will be adding pictures of our grandchildren (okay, and our adult children!), to the spaces we look at the most. The Organise My House blog recommends choosing a great spot for photos if you want to create a wall collage of your favorite folks.

Take care of your pet.

You’re likely not moving with small children so that just leaves the dog. If you have a canine companion, VCA Animal Hospitals recommends preparing them for the move early. You can also let your pet get acclimated to his new surroundings by walking through the indoor and outdoor areas, all the while praising them in a happy voice and providing plenty of treats. If you haven’t already invested in important protections for your animal, now is the perfect time to get pet insurance (there are nearly two dozen options for pet insurance in California) and to have them microchipped.

Outfit your home office.

Did you retire, but not really? If you truly loved what you did and needed the extra cash, you may have taken on a role as a freelancer or consultant. While you can likely work your own schedule, make sure that you have the right equipment and a quiet, private space from which to work. To keep stress down further, stick to certain hours and have things, such as plants and flowers, sitting by your desk. Importantly, spend some time moving each day, even when you’re stuck on an important project.

Create a relaxation space.

In addition to a home office, you’ll want to have a place to call your own that’s built simply for the purpose of relaxation. This could be a quiet room, spa-inspired bathroom, or outdoor kitchen. If you love to cook, the GardeningEtc blog recommends having the features you want in your outdoor kitchen, including a pizza oven, barbecue area, and plenty of prep space.

Have it professionally cleaned.

Moving into a new home means moving into someone else’s dirt. Even if it is a brand-new build, you’ll walk into an environment full of dust and drywall debris. Help yourself settle in by entering a completely blank space. Pay someone to come in and clean all of the nooks and crannies along with the carpet and areas you won’t normally frequent, such as the garage floor and the attic.

Coordinate with the movers.

If moving day has yet to come, make sure that you declutter your furniture and belongings first. By getting rid of waste – things that you don’t use – you can go into your new home and retirement years with less baggage and more freedom. Plus, having fewer things to move is more affordable. Once you have your priorities set, make sure that your movers are aware of which boxes need to be unloaded first so that you’re not spending your valuable time searching for the silverware.

Getting settled into a new home means different things for different people. As a retired person, you won’t have to worry about kids, but you want to have plenty of pictures of the grands in your line of sight. You also want to ensure that your dog is taken care of, which means having insurance and a microchip. Finally, if you plan to work during your retirement, have a home office that helps you achieve your goals without interfering with the rest of your space, which should be a place of relaxation and renewal.

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