Sold Success.

“Robert has an unrivaled depth of knowledge of the Point Loma/Sunset Cliffs real estate market that no other broker in the area can rival, and he has earned a stellar reputation over the 10 years he has specialized in the area.  Having completed multiple transactions with Robert, he is our trusted advisor.  When we work with Robert, we are confident in his expertise, insight, and advice.  We greatly appreciate his honesty, dedication, attention to detail.  He makes you feel like you are his only client at the time!”

Warren & Karen Gross
578 Gage

Sold Success.

Mitch: “Robert is an extraordinarily good professional - straightforward, reliable and thorough. We recommend him without qualification or hesitation!” 

Lynn: “Robert has his finger on the pulse of Point Loma real estate. He is super bright and adept at juggling many details at once, such as property photos, open houses, and multiple offers. Yes - we had multiple offers!! He was a delight to work with and I agree wholeheartedly with my husband's recommendation!”

Mitch & Lynn
3711 Wilcox

Sold Success.

“We truly appreciate Robert’s dedication and efforts in helping us buy and, later, sell our Point Loma home.”

Robert & Blanca Brownlie
4460 Monaco

Sold Success.

“Robert’s Real Estate acumen, deep local knowledge of the Pt Loma market and determined work ethic were all on full display when he sold our house and helped us purchase our dream home. Robert is a true professional putting his client’s needs above all else. I would without reservation recommend Robert to anyone buying or selling a property in Pt. Loma.”

Erik Hemmi
578 Gage

Sold Success.

“Why I choose Robert Realty as my broker now and in the future: Robert told me the truth about my property, its value, a likely sale price, and a range up or down from that. Using his proven and trusted selling system, within one month from beginning to end, I received the high-end sale price. His process has integrity and in my view has the best chance for both buyer and seller to feel like it is a win-win.”

Jerrold Polansky
1656 Willow Street

Sold Success.

“Robert is an all-star realtor. If you need to hit it out of the park then be sure to add him to your team! He is hardworking, trustworthy, and will have your best interest at heart. I recommend him above all others, you won't be disappointed!”

David Mezzacappa
3508 Lowell

Sold Success.

“We recently purchased our first home in Point Loma and Robert helped make the transaction between us and the seller very smooth.  We toured the house on Monday, submitted our offer on Wednesday and were in escrow on Friday.  We closed 3 weeks later and Robert was the major factor in the speed and success of the deal. Thank you, Robert!”

Devin and Bianca Beale
3508 Lowell

Sold Success.

“After having had our home listed for six months with a Big Box Discount Brokerage and Not Selling, ...Robert Sold it within a week, Made and Netted us significantly more, brought the Buyer, made the process Hassle free.”

Jim & Toncha Campbell
2260 Rosecrans

Sold Success.

“Some say 'work smart not hard.' Robert works smarter AND harder for you and gets you results.”

Tom & Carol Dillon
460 Fernando

Sold Success.

“Robert is a true professional putting his client’s needs above all else. I would without reservation recommend Robert to anyone buying or selling a property in Pt. Loma.”

Erik Hemmi
3345 Talbot

Sold Success.

“I wanted to follow up with you after the dust has settled from our sale and move.  Kelly and I really appreciate everything you did to get this sale completed.  Not sure any other agent would have put this much effort to make this happen when there so many unforeseen challenges.  Your “under the radar” approach produced over the top results with minimal interruption in our daily life. Please share with your prospective clients that in our opinion, when it’s a complicated, high dollar, and a unique transaction, Robert is the guy to go to.”

Chuck & Kelly Dahill
459 Tavara

Sold Success.

“Words can’t convey how appreciative we are for all the work you did to get us our new house and sell our old one. This was an extremely difficult deal and I don’t think any other Realtor could have done it.  We have bought and sold 5 houses in Point Loma going back to 1990. Your professionalism, doggedness and amazing marketing capabilities are second to none. As you know I have recommended you to a number of friends and everyone has thanked me for the recommendation. You always go the extra mile and that’s a lonely road these days.”

Larry, Carolina & Nick - Former Owners
1007 Cordova

Sold Success.

“Robert always made us feel like we were his only client. He was readily available, paid attention to detail, was efficient, and a pleasure to work with. Robert went the extra mile in presenting our property.”

Don & Maribeth Shanahan - Former Owners
3211 Trumbull

Sold Success.

“Thank you, Robert, for coordinating our rental home rehab & maximizing our sales price.  You are the real deal. Cheers!”

Allen & Randi H. - Former Owners
4669 Niagara

Sold Success.

“Robert has accomplished his promises and exceeded any performance we would expect, accomplishing the sale of our house. He was there with us and the buyer at every step, always ensuring
us along the way. Communicating and coordinating all of the steps to a final and successful signing. I would recommend Robert with complete enthusiasm and pride.”

Frank & Lisa Vicino - Former Owners
1045 Novara

Sold Success.

“Robert - You make buying and selling so easy--10 years, 4 successful transactions.  Robert, you are the best!!!”

Ken & Roi Funk - Former Owners
301 Fernando

Sold Success.

“Robert is the most knowledgeable, proactive, & hardworking Realtor we have ever worked with. He’s the best out there! Thank you for all you’ve done for us.”

C & C - Former Owners
740 Rosecrans

Sold Success.

“From day one, you went over and above to help make us feel confident that you would be able to get us the amount we needed within the time frame that we requested. Your staff was amazing too with the professional MLS photos that they took, to holding open houses etc. Knowing how busy you are,(we are still trying to figure out how you have time to sleep) we very much appreciated how you always made yourself available to us to answer questions or to reassure us that everything would work out.  You literally worked day and night to get the job done.  Your positive attitude was such a huge part of this experience which made it easy for us to put our faith in your ability to do the job.  Also, knowing how much we loved our townhome, you managed to find an awesome buyer.  A young, kind couple who I hope will love it as much as we did.”

Ed & Stephanie Bergstrom - Former Owners
2320 Caminito Mira

Sold Success.

“Robert was terrific! He got the job done in less than one month; he watched my back; and pulled out all the stops to seal the deal. I am very happy with the result and recommend him highly. He’s a quarterback, firefighter and cheerleader all in one.”

Gail Henderson - Former Owners
1535 Chatsworth

Sold Success.

“It has been a pleasure working with Robert and his team in selling our Point Loma house! He had the knowledge, experience, and resources to make selling our house as smooth as possible.”

Keith & Lynne Beresford - Former Owners
946 Catalina Blvd.

Sold Success.

“The most HONEST person I have ever dealt with in 50 years!”

Tom & Diane Eggert - Former Owners
3030 Locust

Sold Success.

“It has been a pleasure working with Robert and his team in selling our Point Loma house! He had the knowledge, experience, and resources to make selling our house as smooth as possible.”

The Dethloff Family

Sold Success.

776 Rosecrans

“The hardest working Realtor in the business!”

Joe & Vanda Cardosa - New Owners
776 Rosecrans

Sold Success.

414 La Crescentia

“We have had the pleasure to work with Robert over the last four years. His honesty and transparency were key reasons why we bought not one, but two homes from him! We also asked him to sell one of our properties which he did with the same work ethic and enthusiasm he had to our other projects.  He literally never stopped helping and working for us. An absolute joy!”

The Jessup Estate

414 La Crescentia

Sold Success.

1265 Devonshire

“Robert sold my house before it even hit the MLS. Why bother with anyone else?”

Jack Diamond

1265 Devonshire

Sold Success.

2270 Soto Street

“Robert was a joy to work with. He helped make our Point Loma  dream house  become a reality. We trusted him from the beginning. Not only did he sell us our dream house, he was able to sell our Ocean Beach house quickly and effortlessly. We have enjoyed working with Robert!”

Richard and Laurie Houston

2270 Soto Street

Sold Success.

1059 Alexandria

“Simply the best!”

Karen Knapp

1059 Alexandria

Sold Success.

4483 Adair

Sold for $2,230,000 / Represented Buyers

“First of all, Robert sold our house in four days. He was very knowledgeable and made the process of selling as easy as I could imagine. Secondly, he helped us buy a home which our family loves! Again, Robert did a great job. I think he’s doing this job because he loves it, and the work and product that comes out of his passion for the business is unmistakable. Thanks for everything, Robert!”

Chad & Maya Cline

Former Owners | 4483 Adair

Sold Success.

3426 Xenophon

Sold in only 5 days for $850,000 / Represented Sellers

“Robert simplifies the Real Estate process. He promised a quick, easy, hands-off selling experience. And he delivered! He exceeded our expectations in every way. He is easy to work with, responsive and focused. We will never use another agent in San Diego!”

Leila & Todd

Former Owners | 3426 Xenophon

Sold Success.

1881 Evergreen

Sold in just 7 days over asking price at $1,000,000 / Represented Sellers

“Robert said “let me do the marketing” and that he did extremely well. He was on top of every step along the way, including advance preparation at his expense and risk.  A handshake was his bond.  He led us through the process like a champ.  We can highly recommend him!”

Robert Ingram

Former Owners | 1881 Evergreen

Sold Success.

1469 Evergreen

Sold in 6 days for $130,000 over asking price! / Represented Sellers

“Robert promised a lot before we listed and delivered it all. Very quick sale and great price.”

Jim Hoffmann

Former Owner | 1469 Evergreen

Sold Success.

1041 Devonshire

Sold Off Market for $1,712/Sq Ft / Represented Buyers & Sellers

“I was looking for a real estate agent, I am an out of town trustee for an estate which owned a home to sell in the Sunset Cliffs neighborhood. Every agent I considered had a beautifully posed photo, except Robert. I looked at Robert’s chosen image and said, that is an agent who is confident in his abilities and has crafted message in every communication. Later I told him the service level he is providing is defining what anticipatory concierge should be. His dedication to helping me fulfill my fiduciary obligation to the trust’s beneficiaries was the epitome of professionalism. If you were looking to sell your treasure on Point Loma, you would be hard pressed to find a better partner and agent.”

Stephen Hruby

Former Owners | 1041 Devonshire

Sold Success.

1053 Sunset Cliffs

Sold for $3,340,000 / Represented Both Buyers & Sellers

“We have bought and sold several properties over the years in San Diego. We have used the top rated agents in the area for these transactions. Our latest transaction, a sale of a multi-million estate in   Point Loma started with an agent from one of our past sales.
This was not successful. We engaged Robert Realty. We achieved success. Robert has a unique process that is a winner! In our experience, this puts him in a category a step above the best. We would not engage in another real estate transaction in San Diego without Robert representing us.”

Dennis & Mary Pat McKenna

Former Owners | 1053 Sunset Cliffs

Sold Success.

3640 Pio Pico

Sold for $3,000,000 / Represented Both Buyers & Sellers

“Talent, Loyalty, Honesty, Commitment. Robert did a Superb Job!”

Joshua Zigman

Former Owner | 3640 Pio Pico

Sold Success.

4453 Orchard

Sold for $ 1.6 Million in just 9 Days! - Represented Sellers

“Thank you for a professional and courteous job as our Realtor! Do you have an office in Nevada?”

Dan & Kathy

Former Owners | 4453 Orchard

Sold Success.

3541 Carleton

Sold for $2,060,000 Million - Represented Sellers

"He is very easy to work with and will get your house sold quickly.”

Robert W. Dorfman
Former Owner | 3541 Carleton

Sold Success.

3075 Malaga

Sold for $1.200,000 Million - Represented Sellers

“Robert is the best for selling your home. He helped us sell our house extremely fast with a simple close. He has his finger on the pulse of Point Loma and is  a   Realtor you can trust.”

Chad & Maya Cline
Former Owners | 3075 Malaga

Sold Success.

887 Golden Park

Sold off Market, Quietly, Privately, Under the Radar - Represented Sellers

“Refreshing! A handshake means something! Do what you say . . . Say what you mean.”

Gary & Pat Beyschau
Former Owners |  887 Golden Park

Sold Success.

1155 Anchorage Lane #501

Sold for $1.295,000 -Represented Sellers

“I chose Robert Realty to represent me as a seller because I wanted to have access to and benefit from Robert’s extensive knowledge of the Point Loma/Ocean Beach real estate market. Robert evaluated my property, offered sound advice, proposed a sale plan, and then worked incredibly hard on my behalf to accomplish the sale.  I was impressed that Robert proactively took the initiative to anticipate, identify, and then creatively solve the inevitable potential problems that occurred during the selling process.  Thank you, Robert.  I really appreciate you and your Robert Realty team!”

Laura O'Donnell
Former Owner |  1155 Anchorage Lane #501

Sold Success.

887 Golden Park

Represented Buyers

“Robert is truly the most amazing real estate professional that we have ever worked with. We are retiring to San Diego and Robert found us the perfect view property in la Playa. He is a Point Loma expert with knowledge of values, opportunities, and seemingly everyone in the community. His professionalism and integrity are beyond reproach.  His enthusiasm, diligence and expertise were apparent throughout our purchase. We are very grateful for Robert’s guidance and we would strongly recommend him to anyone searching for a home in Point Loma.”

Tim & Brenda
Current Owners | 887 Golden Park

Sold Success.

3751 Wilcox

Represented Sellers

”Robert was able to guide us through a complicated set of transactions involving the sale of our existing house and the purchase of a new home.  Throughout the process, Robert was very knowledgeable and patient and worked extremely hard on our behalf to get the deals done. Thanks!”

Nathan & Olivia
Former Owners |  3751 Wilcox

Sold Success.

938 Tarento

Sold for $1.170,000 Million - Represented Sellers

“Simply Point Loma’s best Realtor…professional and honest with heart!.”

Jim Phillips & Renee McLeod
Former Owners | 938 Tarento

Sold Success.

4430 Newport Avenue

Sold in 19 Days / Represented Seller

"Robert is genuinely a very thoughtful, caring, and creative agent who made our very complex, and what is usually a very stressful life’s experience of selling a house, a process and activity that made this bitter-sweet event not only bearable, but also an activity which left us with our fond memories of our home in tact, and my wife and myself totally satisfied with the entire transaction, each step of the way. It is without hesitation that I strongly recommend Robert to anyone needing to sell or purchase a home or property...We’ve already asked him to find for us our next dream home in the area."

Farah and Rene Naert

4430 Newport Avenue Former Owners

Sold Success.

416 Rosecrans

Sold in Point Loma

“Robert is very informative, fought for our needs throughout the transaction, and made us feel like a priority every step of the way. We’ll definitely be working with him again the future.”

Matt Mellos and Zac Stover
416 Rosecrans Seller

Sold Success.

662 Rosecrans & 1033 Bangor

Sold in Point Loma

“Thank you for leading us successfully through three complex home sales this year. While your property marketing and market knowledge is unsurpassed, you have a unique ability to resolve complex issues in a creative manner where other brokers would be stymied. It’s been a pleasure to work with you over the past year, and you’ve won our loyalty for all future transactions.”

Warren and Karen Gross
Former Owners, 662 Rosecrans & 1033 Bangor Sellers

Sold Success.

3705 Warner Street

Sold in The Wooded Area

“Making the decision to sell our home ranked high on the stress scale for our family. Robert was there with common sense solutions and assistance every step of the way. We originally chose Robert Realty because of the over-the-top advertising and marketing we’d seen around the neighborhood, but ended up impressed with his entire operation.”

Jim and Patrice Saxon

Former Owners, 3705 Warner Street

Sold Success.

3586 Charles Street

Sold in The Wooded Area

“We have used Robert on multiple occasions and have never been disappointed. He makes this emotional transaction as easy and smooth as possible. Robert goes over and above the call of duty to ensure maximum satisfaction. If you ever want to buy or sell in Point Loma I highly recommend Robert.”

Marc and Erica Koonin

Former Owners, 3586 Charles Street

Sold Success.

712 Stafford Place

Sold in Sunset Cliffs

“Ever hear the saying, if you want something done, give it to a busy man? Well, that is Robert! Busy, yes, and he gets the job done! He was always there when we had a question, or simply needed reassurance and he closes the deals that I don't think would have closed with any other agent! Thanks Robert!”

Bill and Lynn Gunderson

Former Owners, 712 Stafford Place

Sold Success.

963 Tarento Drive 

Sold in The Wooded Area - Sold in 10 Days

“We highly recommend Robert. He is efficient, knowledgeable and loyal. He’s done an exceptional job for us!”

The Albertsons

Former Owners, 963 Tarento Drive

Sold Success.

3658 Dudley Street 

Sold in The Wooded Area - Represented Buyer & Seller

“I had originally purchased my home from Robert, and when the time came for me to sell, he was there for me. He genuinely listens to your needs, guides you thru every step and executes the sale so smoothly, minimizing the stress of transition. My home was sold within a few phone calls and I couldn't be happier. Robert and his team make you feel confident they have your back. trustworthy, dedicated, empathetic, world class service. When you work with the best, you get the best in return, there is no substitute. My boys & I thank you Robert!”

Christina, Logan, Benjamin & Oliver

Former Owners, 3658 Dudley Street

Sold Success.

820 Armada Terrace 

Sold in La Playa - Represented Buyer & Seller

“We found that using Robert Realty to sell our home was like being a member of a very private and exclusive club. His advertising, organizing and communication skills are superb. We had direct and instant contact with Robert almost all the time. Always a helpful and friendly voice, Robert seemed to take care of everything before we could ask. Robert can make great deals happen when others have given up. The best was at the end when we received the net figure for the deal. We found it cost less to do business with Robert and benefit from his exclusive services. We have known Robert for many years and know many La Playa residents who are his satisfied clients. We would recommend Robert Realty to anyone who wants the best of all aspects for their sale or purchase.”

Robert & Dorothy Bork

Former Owners, 820 Armada Terrace

Sold Success.

430 Tavara Place

Sold in La Playa - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Robert, Thanks for all your creative marketing that help sell our house. Enjoying our boat in Mexico!”

Linda & Randy

Former Owners, 430 Tavara

Sold Success.

3625 Dudley Street 

Sold in The Wooded Area - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Simply the very best! Without the help and extreme professionalism of Robert as our agent we could not have bought our dream home in the heart of Wooded Area. His knowledge of the local market and ability to consult us along the way was well above any other Realtor we have worked with. Robert was always there to do his best to help us through the buying process. Robert’s professionalism is testimony to the great service that he provides to all his clients; it is almost contagious to the point that he was not only our Realtor but he became one of our good friends. We can say without any reservations that if you want very knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and courteous and ever friendly service, Robert is your prime (and only) choice!”

The Hemmis

New Owners, 3625 Dudley

Sold Success.

1010 Evergreen

Sold in Point Loma - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Recently I made the difficult decision to sell my home of 30 years and downsize to a smaller residence. I knew immediately that I wanted Robert to represent me as my Real Estate Broker. He was a true gentleman and I felt comfortable knowing that he would put my interests first. All the way through the process of appraising, listing, inspecting, marketing, selling and buying a new home, I knew that he was doing everything, above and beyond what was expected, to insure a good result. What could have been a very unsettling, frightening time for me turned out to be a very positive experience because of Robert’s “clear channel” communication letting me know what was happening at all times.”

Nani Knowles

Former Owner, 1010 Evergreen

Sold Success.

649 Tarento

Sold in 11 Days - Represented Seller

“Robert is a Realtor of excellent qualifications, and extremely high integrity. He is unparallelled in his diligence. I highly recommend him, and will definitely use him again when the time arises.”

Diane Bompensiero

Former Owner, 649 Tarento

Sold Success.

616 San Antonio

Sold in 23 Days - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Robert and his dream team are an effective and energetic group that get the job done. From start to finish, I was impressed with the personal customer service Robert Realty offers. Using comprehensive photo and video packages in print and online media, as well as a coffee table presentation book of my home, he and his marketing team were able to sell my property in under 2 weeks. Robert’s network of pros helped with make all the necessary transitions with ease. From loan assistance, appraisal services, moving and handyman, my sale and escrow was professionally managed and executed. I consider Robert Realty the best Residential agent in the Point Loma area.”

The Packers

Former Owners, 616 San Antonio

Sold Success.

4505 Newport

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Robert is a true professional. He was efficient, diligent and worked non-stop in pursuit of meeting our needs. We were continually impressed with his work product - from the helicopter photo shoots, to the coffee table books of our home, front page advertising and him tracking down every potential lead to sell our home - we were left saying, “wow.” Lastly, I would like to tell the world that I have NEVER met an agent with more integrity and selfless devotion to his client than Robert; that statement is backed up with firsthand experience of Robert’s generosity and commitment to client satisfaction at all costs. At the close of escrow we moved from, “wow” to, “WOW!!!”

Joe & Calli Allen

Former Owner, 4505 Newport

Sold Success.

3022 Lawrence

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Hardest working agent in Point Loma. Robert’s knowledge and experience provided him with vision and a plan to better serve the sale of my family’s estate. His dedication and commitment resulted in the sale of both my La Playa properties in (1) day. It was a smooth and easy transaction from the beginning to the end, rewarding and satisfying throughout the whole process. Trust Robert Realty. I did.”

Joaquin Qualin

Former Owner, 416 Rosecrans & 3022 Lawrence

Sold Success.

1319 Sunset Cliffs

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Robert, thank you for stepping far and beyond the scope of a real estate agent to handle the sale of our Sunset Cliffs home. Painless and effortless and maximum market value. You've got our business for life!”

George & Laila

Former Owners, 1319 Sunset Cliffs

Sold Success.

3025 Curtis

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Robert came into our lives after a bad two-month experience with another agency, and within days we had an offer. He took us by the hand and walked us through every step of this daunting process. He then negotiated the purchase of our present home, not only getting us the price we wanted to pay, but getting the seller to cover all closing costs! Robert... he's just the best in Point Loma!”

Lynne Bolton

Former Owner, 3025 Curtis

Sold Success.

3617 Fenelon

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Robert sold the house immediately to one of his clients, at a price we were very content with. He watched every detail of the process and kept us informed along the way. His magic formula seems to be that he is very smart and works very hard, on your behalf. I would work with Robert again without hesitation, and can enthusiastically give him my highest recommendation.”

The Yaws

Former Owners, 3617 Fenelon

Sold Success.

736 Armada Terrace

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Robert has an unmatched pulse on the La Playa market and I could readily count on him to know what my options were with my property. I also knew he would likely deliver the buyer from his own network and that he could keep my tenants happy during the selling process. His advice and execution were flawless.”

Greg Mauro

Former Owner, 736 Armada Terrace

Sold Success.

980 Gage

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Robert guided us through the real estate process with a focused attention to detail and remarkable marketing. From a business person's perspective he answered our questions with well thought out reasons and offered valuable recommendations. We are pleased to highly recommend him.”

William & Mary Anne Fallon

Former Owners, 980 Gage

Sold Success.

3532 Carleton

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Robert knows the market, has a keen sense of pricing and stays focused on his goal of selling your house. When it comes to the sales transaction, he will help you clearly outline the key points you want to accomplish and he will deliver. He was informative, honest and effective and his willingness to work hard only compliments his natural ability.”

Bill & Laurie Bower

Former Owners, 3532 Carleton

Sold Success.

580 San Gorgonio

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Robert did a wonderful job marketing and selling our property. We found Robert to be very caring man of his word, always doing more than we expected. We have no hesitation in recommending Robert to sell your property. He is the best! Honest, thoughtful, a strong closer, and very concerned about your needs as a seller. As a teacher, give Robert an A+.”

Bill & Olivia Alford

Former Owners, 580 San Gorgonio

Sold Success.

451 San Elijo

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“PROACTIVE, PROFESSIONAL, POINT LOMA... Within 5 minutes of meeting Robert, it was a done deal! We instantly had a connection with Robert, warm & professional! Robert knows real estate and Point Loma. He helped us understand exactly what to pay attention to when looking at different properties and to get the most out of selling our own property. Robert Realty has a great team too!”

Gilles Fougeres & CherLagda

Former Owners, 451 San Elijo

Sold Success.

1025 Guizot

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“Robert understood the value proposition where others didn't so I entrusted the listing with him and got the number I thought was fair value.”

Paul Buss

Former Owner, 1025 Guizot

Sold Success.

3240 Tennyson

Sold Off MLS - Represented Buyer & Seller

“I completely trusted Robert through every part of my home sale. He proved himself to be extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to getting me the best price on my home with the smoothest possible process, start to finish. Being able to find someone who truly has your best interest at heart is priceless! Thank you Robert!”

Karen Purvis

Former Owner, 3240 Tennyson

Real Results. Robert Realty

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